Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be a More Efficient Writer in 3 Simple Steps

You have been writing articles but just how can you be a more efficient writer? Here are 3 simple steps that can help boost your article writing efficiency so that you can write more articles in the shortest time.

Step 1: Access your typing speed. The fact is, if you are not able to type fast, you lose out. To be an efficient writer, you have to be able to type faster than others. Invest in a typing software or typing guide and make it a point to practise diligently. With practice, you will be writing articles as quickly in no time.

 Step 2: Plan ahead. Sitting in front of the computer and thinking of what to type is a waste of precious time. Instead, plan in advance what you want to write about. Then spend some time to do some research on the topics. When you are more familiar with the topics and know what you want to write about, you are less likely to hit a mental block.

Step 3: Know when you are most productive. Which part of the day do you work best? Some people, like myself, work best in the mornings when the mind and body feel fresh and fully rested. Others may be more nocturnal and work most efficiently at night. Either way, you have to know which is your most productive period. Writing articles at your most productive period can be much more efficient than having hours of mental block at your least productive periods.
There you are, 3 simple tips that can help boost your article writing efficiency.

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