Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Collects Rock and Pop Memorabilia?

Lots of us have our favourite bands and artists. New downloading technology means that we can access music in a much quicker and easier way so there really is nothing stopping us from listening to the music that we like. For most of us, buying or downloading music is where the interest ends but others find they really like an artist or a band and may by a book on them or pay money to go and see them perform. These are all normal things for a fan to do but others don't stop here. The more hardcore fans want to know everything they possibly can about their idols as a way of feeling bridging the gap between the celebrity and themselves.

These 'hardcore' fans are the main basis for the music memorabilia industry. They are the sort of people who don't just want to see their favourite band or artist in concert but they want instruments used by them, set lists and any piece of memorabilia that they can get their hands on. They feel like if they own a guitar used by their idol then they will in some way have a connection with them or even feel closer to them. Touching something that their idol has touched or visiting the place where an artist grew up is a way of inhabiting the same space as their idol and perhaps they hope that some of their talent will rub off on them. Whatever the reason, these full-on fans are the ones driving the music memorabilia industry going and will continue to do so for years to come.

Other people are not quite so obsessive and see collecting rock and pop memorabilia as little more than a fun hobby, an enjoyable way to pass the time. These sorts of collectors work hard to find rare and exciting pieces to add to their collections and find learning more facts about their idol and enjoyable way of spending their time. Music memorabilia collectors are motivated by the love and respect they have for their favourite artist or band and are happy to keep the music memorabilia industry going by spending money on building up their collections with rare and interesting items. In some cases, some people's collections may end up being worth huge amounts of money!

As the music memorabilia industry is worth a lot of money these days, other people collect memorabilia as an investment. The price of a lot of pieces has shot up in recent years therefore collecting makes a sound investment. Investors can buy at relatively low prices and then later sell it on for a profit. However, this does have some negative effects on the real collectors as the more demand there is for the memorabilia, the more the prices rise which then can put them off buying the more expensive pieces.

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by Lydia Cooper

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